Holtz Acoustics

Acoustic Design Services

Holtz Acoustics undertakes a wide range of acoustic design services for the building industry, including

High Sound Insulation Constructions

Acoustic design of buildings requiring very high levels of sound insulation such as cinemas, music venues and studios

Plant Impact Assessments

Plant impact assessments in accordance with BS4142 and ProPG to demonstrate compliance with Local Authority and national planning policies

Facade Noise Assessments

Noise assessments for developments near major environmental noise sources such as roads, railways and airports


Acoustic design of offices to BCO standards including design of meeting rooms and open plan office environments


Sound insulation design of gyms to reduce noise disturbance from activity and music noise

Room Acoustics

Optimum room acoustic design for speech and performance spaces

Industrial Noise Control

Noise and vibration control for items of fixed plant and industrial machinery


Acoustic design of schools to BB93


Sound insulation design for residential properties


Acoustic design to acheive Heo05 and Pol05 credits in the BREEAM scheme